The UKMSA Medical Ethics Prize

Daniel K. Sokol is a barrister and medical ethicist known for his academic and journalistic writings on the ethics of medicine. He lectures nationally and internationally, and writes a regular column in the British Medical Journal under the sobriquet Ethics Man.

Described by Professor Raanan Gillon as "a star in the medical ethics and law firmament", his new book 'Tough Choices' comes out at the end of October, 2018. 

This new title is targeted at medical students and was described by Mr Henry Marsh as a book that "should be read by all doctors". 

Just like his BMJ columns, we would like medical students to write a 600 to 800 word, short essay on one of the subjects covered in his new book; the ethics of cosmetic surgery, the limits of confidentiality, truth-telling, physician-assisted suicide, dealing with medical errors, cultural dilemmas, and the problems with consent.

Dr Sokol will select the winning entry from among the finalists.


1st - Signed copy of "Tough Choices", £50 cash prize, 1 year premium membership of the UKMSA, Certificate confirming 1st place national prize from UKMSA

2nd - Signed copy of "Tough Choices", 1 year premium membership of the UKMSA, Certificate confirming 2nd place national prize from UKMSA

3rd - 1 year premium membership of the UKMSA, Certificate confirming 3rd place national prize from UKMSA

See the book trailer below and complete the form to enter the competition. 

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Closing date: December 31st, 2018

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